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Volcano Islands Coffee Tables
  • Volcano Islands Coffee Tables


    A series of natural wooden coffee tables that transcend functionality echoing the scenography of an archipelago of islands and the harmonious balance between form and emptiness.


    Crafted with precision, this series of coffee tables celebrates the artistry of negative spaces, inviting you to contemplate the dance between solid masses and the poetic voids between themEach table in the series has an organic shape, that emphasizes a play between the mass of the table, the holes within it, and the small pebble stone laying on top of it

    Each table is designed and customized to your specifications including size, shape, and material finish.


    As every studio piece of ours - it is designed individually in a dialogue between client and designer.


    We ship internationally and pieces can be easily assembled by any local carpenter.


    Gal Gaon | Studio & Gallery | Tel Aviv

    Representing Galleries:

    Hostler Burrows Gallery | New York

    Hostler Burrows Gallery | Los Angeles

    Nilufar Gallery | Milano

    • Info

      Volcano Islands, 2024

      American Walnut

    • Dimensions

      (1)L:152 cm

      W:75 cm

      H:45 cm

      (2)L:145 cm

      W:75 cm

      H:45 cm

      (3)L:104 cm

      W:59 cm

      H:45 cm

    • Availability

      This piece is available through "Request a Quote" form

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