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Gal Gaon (Israeli, b. 1967) is an architect and designer based in Tel Aviv.


Israeli architect and designer Gal Gaon practices a design philosophy founded on his vision of an “abstract nature.”

“Abstract nature” is the window through which one might glimpse into his poetic world of powerful minimalistic pieces.


There are quiet forces at play in Gal Gaon’s universe, divergent yet peaceful in a delicate balance the designer finds in assembling organic shapes into abstract compositions.

Abstract nature is a product of Gal Gaon’s imagination as he transforms the architecture of furniture.

Gal Gaon’s taste for natural materials – essences of wood and varieties of stone - is the starting point of his practice.


Nature itself is filled with contrasts and the natural materials the designer uses are chosen for their inherent beauty and the endless variety of their grains, essences and patterns.

Those natural materials are molded in Gal Gaon’s imagination into oblong, organic sculptural shapes that echo the forces of the universe, the ellipsoidal journey of stars in the galaxy. Crafted by a team of local artisans, they capture the primal essence of form.



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