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Long Pebble Dining Table
  • Long Pebble Dining Table

    Long Pebble Table was first introduced to the public in Hostler Burrows NY, Group Exhibition 2018.

    It is a multifunctional Design Art Object serves as a prolonged coffee table and a bench.


    The idea behind it i a combination of unique natural patterns and textures. Each layer of the table represents an unrepeatable beauty of creation.


    As every studio piece of ours - it is designed individually in a dialogue between client and designer.


    We ship internationally and pieces can be easily assembled by any local carpenter.


    Gal Gaon | Studio & Gallery | Tel Aviv

    Representing Galleries:

    Hostler Burrows Gallery | New York

    Hostler Burrows Gallery | Los Angeles

    Nilufar Gallery | Milano

    • Info

      Pebble Table, 2017


      Mix of natural oak and American walnut

    • Dimentions

      197.5" L x 47.5" W x 14" H

      500cm L x 120cm W x 36 cm H

    • Availability

      This piece is available via Hostler Burrows Gallery.

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